Let’s gather around the table. 

We'd love to be a part of your meal this Thanksgiving.

All orders must be placed 72 hours in advance of pick up! Call us at 336.721.9990 to order.

November 18th is the last day to make an order and November 21st is the final day for pickup. Note: all orders for Nov. 20 & Nov. 21st can only be from this menu. This is due to the volume of holiday orders our kitchen handles. Thank you for understanding!

Our locations will be closing early on November 21st and closed on November 22nd! See hours & locations page for details.



pumpkin pie

serves 6
gluten free option available (+$5).


mini butter pecan pound cake

serves 2-4


mini butter pecan loaf.jpg

pumpkin cheesecake.JPG

pumpkin cheesecake with craime fraiche

9-inch serves 10-12
gluten free option available (+$5). Made with our GF brownie crust.



cranberry, brie & rosemary tart

9-inch, serves 6-8
gluten free option available (+$5)




brie-cranberry-rosemary tart 11 inch with slice cut out.JPG

 multigrain rolls pictures

french sandwich or multigrain dinner rolls

These are a great vegan option! (multigrain rolls pictured)

$4.99 for 6 rolls

pecan tart

9-inch, serves 6-8
gluten-free option available (+$5)


pecan tart.JPG