In 2008 Cary Clifford, an untrained but passionate baker, started a tiny bakery in the basement underneath Krankies Coffee. The business quickly grew, and in 2011 we opened our first retail shop in downtown WS. We soon added 2 other locations. Earlier this year, Cary had the great joy of bringing in 2 of Camino's long-term managers, Lisa Warner and Jordan Poe-Crawford, as co-owners. 


Our heart for community

We believe in giving back.

Winston-Salem has supported us in our mission to create fabulous baked goods and beverages every day, so we are dedicated to giving back to our community. 

Every day our leftover pastries and bread go to Sunnyside Ministry. Every month we set aside resources for events we're excited about and organizations we believe in, focusing on charitable organizations with a presence in Winston-Salem.

May 1st, 2018 was Hope Du Jour. Because of YOUR generosity, we were able to give Crisis Control a donation of $600 to support the great work that Crisis Control does to make sure that everyone in our community has their basic needs of food, shelter, and medicine met.

Friends & neighbors we've donated to:

lead girls.jpg

Grounds for Giving

Every month for our Grounds for Giving series, we highlight a different local organization that we’d like to support. During the month of October 2019, we’re promoting the LEAD Girls of NC. This wonderful local non-profit works with low-income/at-risk preteen girls to help them become productive citizens and active leaders in their communities. Using an evidence-based curriculum, LEAD encourages and mentors girls to aspire and achieve greatness academically, emotionally and creatively. We’re donating 10% of our coffee sales on Wednesday, October 23rd to LEAD Girls to help them continue this much-needed work!


Our focus on sustainability

We believe that it is our duty -- in fact, our joy -- to leave future generations a clean & healthy environment. To that end, we are piloting new sustainability initiatives at our Brookstown location, and will bring these initiatives to our downtown & hospital locations soon as well. 

  • All of our disposables at Brookstown are now compostable! Our plastic clamshells and plastic cups are made from corn plastic and are compostable in commercial composting conditions.

  • We have three waste bins accessible to customers at Brookstown: compost, recycling, and trash. In partnership with Gallins Family Farm, we now compost all of our food scraps and coffee grounds, as well as customer disposables. A few stats that we learned in the process of our sustainability push: in the United States, 51% of what goes into the landfill is compostable! Also, food scraps decomposing in a landfill create methane gas, which has 21 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide. Knowing that makes us feel extra happy to compost whatever we can!

  • Aside from waste diversion, we have a new focus on being more energy efficient, such as working towards using more LED light bulbs in our facilities. 


Our farm & local vendor partnerships

Photo courtesy of Fair Share Farms

Located in the Foothills of North Carolina, we are lucky to be surrounded by a multitude of skilled farmers and craftspeople. Each season, we mindfully develop our menus to feature the freshest ingredients possible and play to the season’s strengths.

Below are some local vendors we partner with: